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Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2017

Posted on May 1, 2017

 All throughout this month we have lots of exciting events for folks in our community to learn more about sexual violence and how they can create our future without violence. Find us at the following: 

At the bars

You’ll see our consensual message on customized coasters at  Olive R. Twists, London Music Club and some other supportive restaurants and bars in the city. We know that alcohol is the number one weapon used by perpetrators and is involved in 50% of assaults, so it’s so important to talk to our community about using alcohol responsibly.

In the County

Not only do we support survivors in London, but we also support survivors of sexual violence in Middlesex County. To reach our rural friends, we are co-organizing a public training on sexual violence and disclosures with Women’s Rural Resource Centre during Victims and Survivors of Crime Week at the end of May. The trianing will be held at CMHA Strathroy (21 Richmond St, Strathroy) on May 31 12-1pm. Please RSVP to kelseyA@anovafuture.org

At City Hall

The disclosure training we are giving out in the County will also be made available to folks in Downtown London. We'll be at City Hall on May 29th 12-1pm to talk about how to sensitively respond to disclosures of sexual violence. Please RSVP to kelseyA@anovafuture.org

On the Big Screen

Join us on Friday May 26th for a night at the movies as we take over Hyland Cinema for a feminist panel and  screening of the film Grease. Tickets are only $20 and go to support our public education department. For each ticket to the film, you’ll also get a medium popcorn and a medium drink. Before our screening we’ll be having a panel conversation about how to engage media in critical ways when depicting unhealthy relationships and sexual violence, while still enjoying your favourite films. Tickets available on Eventbrite and on our website. Tickets available here